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Are you looking to start a team sport in Seattle?  We can help!
Here is what we can do to help:
1. Create a sports interest web page  or site for you on our web site.

2. Send email to our Yahoo Group forum.  You could send notices every week or month.

3. We can create an email address for you.
This would give you privacy, yet forward email to your personal email account as you start to build interest.

4. We are a member of the Federation of Gay Games and GLISA. has an entire article about grass roots support for starting a new sport in your town.   
Here is the link:
5. Help staff our booth at Pride in June with brochures or business cards for your new sports club.

6. Create a poster for Pride for the Team Seattle booth.

7. You could do an article for the Seattle Gay News (SGN).  
We have the Team Seattle board meetings every month.  
You are welcome to come, so if you want to see how we work and join our board, you are welcome to do that.  
We do the hands on work outside of the board meetings in committees or working at home on projects.
Join our Yahoo Group and you can keep up to date on board meetings and events.  
You also will have the privilege to sent email to the entire forum.

Click to join!
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